Robots future workers in Japan

Robots in Japan,Chihira Aiko

Robots in Japan,Chihira Aiko

The field of robotics and one of the areas that is rapidly evolving in the digital world, and we obviously we now live in a real revolution in this field to the extent that may offset this mechanism devices regular functions performed by humans soon, and it became a reality in a country like Japan, for example.

And was a famous Japanese company "Toshiba" was launched earlier in the new Robot in the form of a woman, and said that the robot is able to perform a number of functions, but this time the and in partnership with a series of well-known Japanese stores employing this robot formally in one of its stores in the capital Tokyo as a receptionist.

The new robot in the form of a woman named "Chihira Aiko" and meters in length and sixty centimeter and is doing a receptionist welcomes customers as well as to provide information on goods store and try to convince them to buy, they also speak three languages ​​are Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

The new robot simulates dramatically humans and form can talk and do movements of human beings, and running Android, and the move increases the experts concerns about the cause of this technology in humans for jobs loss, note that a recent study recently conducted on the subject confirmed that and alerted Implications for the future of this phenomenon.


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