Stop Internet ads on iPhone devices

Stop Internet ads, iPhone devices

Stop Internet ads, iPhone devices

Allowed Apple's new power to application developers in running iOS 9 system is the possibility of providing applications to stop Internet ads that appear while surfing the sites through a web browser, which is what made it such authority focus of attention of many developers, has been providing many of the applications that you stop Internet advertising .

One of these distinctive and free applications that are available is the application 1Blocker, and that comes with more than 7000 block mainly type, user and dramatically help to provide its own Internet Packs being reduces the amount of waste to half or more sometimes.

The user can choose to block any other details is advertising such as elements of the Internet page or tariff files or participate or pornographic sites and other buttons too much, with the ability to configure any user's private blocking options, all of which once you select options that users wanted click of a button.


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