The best way to make three-dimensional designs and convert them to cut outs

The best way to make three-dimensional designs,Voxel Builder

The best way to make three-dimensional designs,Voxel Builder

Voxel Builder site that allows its users the ability to make three-dimensional designs with great ease and through the browser only, with the possibility of converting these designs when you are done to real models through installed manually after the website to simplify the process, or relying on a three-dimensional printer.

The user can rely on this site and its tool open source in the creation of three-dimensional designs and made up of colored boxes, it is built on top of each other with great ease, with the possibility of choosing colors and move in the place of design and view it from all sides, and in the end can take a picture of the design and the use of the site to print them appropriately on a two-dimensional printer in order to cut and paste parts to produce the desired stereo, or print the file to the printer to produce three-dimensional holographic required in the event of available printer.


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